Leaving your pet behind when you go on a holiday is always a matter of concern.
A Dog’s Story provides you that getaway, where your dog is the focus and where the time you spend with him or her is the priority.

Calm – Serene – Tranquil –  Spacious

are just some words which come to mind for A Dog’s Story – your getaway nestled in the Aravalis, on the outskirts of Jaipur. We are delighted about the fact that we are probably India’s first Pet Only accommodation – it is available only if you are travelling with a pet or are a pet lover yourself !

Play in your private garden

go for long walks in the fields; spend your time to do all that you have always wanted to with your dog. And also read that book which has remained unfinished ever since or then loosen the body with a cycle ride in the village next door.

You choose your lifestyle – we make it happen.